The Faculty of Humanities at Hebrew University

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Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities focuses on the study of human culture, past and present, as expressed in language, literature, visual arts, music, philosophy, religion, and history.

Specialized research is conducted at five focused institutes

  • The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry
  • The Institute of Archaeology
  • Institute of Asian and African Studies
  • Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies
  • The Institute of Western Cultures

and the faculty is comprised of the following diverse departments

  • Amirim    
  • American Studies    
  • Ancient and Near Eastern languages    
  • Archaeolgy    
  • Bible    
  • Central and East European Cultures    
  • Chair in Bah'ai Studies    
  • Classics    
  • Cognitive Science    
  • Comparative Religion     
  • The East Asian Department    
  • English    
  • English as a forgien language    
  • General and Comparative Literature    
  • History    
  • The History of Art    
  • Jewish Thought    
  • Linguistics    
  • Musicology
  • The multidisciplinary Studies Program - General studies B.A Program
  • Philosophy
  • The Program for the History Philosophy and sociology of Science
  • Romance And Latin American Studies
  • Talmud
  • Revivim program

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