March 2018

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Just in Time for Passover: Dozens of “Freedom Coins” from Jewish Revolt against Rome (66-70 C.E.) Discovered in Cave near Jerusalem Temple Mount

Smaller And Faster: The Terahertz Computer Chip Is Now Within Reach

Turning Garbage Into Reusable Plastic

Hebrew U Study Shows Israeli Soldiers Working With Radar Face Higher Risk of Cancer

Hebrew U Grad Studies How Older Widow Spiders Seduce Younger Males - And Eat Them

Hebrew U Prof Explains The Reason Why We Celebrate International Day Of Happiness

Discovery Aids Understanding Of ALS

Explore All 3,318 Synagogues In Europe With This Amazing Online Tool

Hebrew U Researchers Help To Show That Prosthetic Limbs Represent Like Hands In Brain

QS World University Rankings Named The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Among The Top Twenty Universities In The World For Theology, Divinity And Religious Studies


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