Hebrew University Again Ranked Among World’s Top Universities by Times Higher Education Supplement

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[img_assist|nid=348|title=|desc=World University Rankings|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=74]Hebrew University Again Ranked Among World’s Top Universities by Times Higher Education Supplement

December, 17 2007 - As it has in past years, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has again been ranked among the world’s leading universities by the Times Higher Education Supplement of London.

In its latest listings, for 2007, the Hebrew University was ranked overall by The Time survey in 128th place among the top 200 universities in the world. In the arts and humanities, the university was ranked at 39th in the world.

The Times rankings -- conducted for the fourth consecutive year -- are based on a scale of indicators that include academic peer reviews, citations of academic papers written by faculty members, and staff to student ratios.

In the area of citations of academic papers, the Hebrew University ranked especially high, with a score of 91 (out of a possible 100 points), which placed it at a level commensurate with the leading universities in the U.S. – among them Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Stanford universities -- as well as equal to or exceeding venerable universities in Europe and the Far East.

The only other Israeli university to be listed by The Times in the world’s top 200 was Tel Aviv University, which was ranked 151st.

“The higher education network today in Israel, at its head the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, still finds itself rated at a respectable level in world rankings; however, recent processes – the academic staff strike and budget cuts – are liable without a doubt to cause its decline,” commented Hebrew University President Prof. Menachem Magidor.

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