Huge Success For #HU100 — A Global Giving Day To Celebrate Hebrew University‘s 100th Anniversary

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) raises over $1 million dollars for vital projects

HU Students Participate in Giving Day.
HU Students Participate in Giving Day.

(Jerusalem, July 26, 2018) — Giving Day, held on the 100th anniversary of the laying of the HU cornerstones on Mt. Scopus, marks the first time a higher education institution has launched a global fundraising campaign. In one 24-hour period, HU alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff from across six continents came together to raise money for another 100 years of knowledge, innovation and excellence.
More than one million dollars was raised ($1,120,273 USD) from 580 donors in 16 countries, surpassing the University’s original target of $1 million dollars. During the Giving Day, donors were able to designate their dollars for research, scholarships or faculty recruitment, among others areas.
The digital campaign was key to the campaign’s success, featuring messages from high-profile personalities such as The Godfather actor James Caan and Karen Cortell-Reisman, cousin of HU co-founder Albert Einstein.
“This fantastic effort demonstrates what can be achieved when Hebrew University’s community comes together,” shared HU president professor Asher Cohen. “This outpouring of generosity will benefit future generations for years to come.”
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