Rehovot Agricultural Campus of Hebrew University Honored with ‘Green Campus” Designation

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[img_assist|nid=223|title=Green Campus|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=324|height=212]Rehovot agricultural campus of Hebrew University honored with ‘Green Campus” designation

Jerusalem, September 25, 2007– The campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Rehovot has been declared a “Green Campus” by a steering committee of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection. “Green Campus” is a joint project of the ministry and Israel’s institutions of higher education.

The Rehovot campus houses the university’s Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences,

According to Elhanan Hacohen, vice-president and director-general of the Hebrew University, “We are proud that our Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences – the only such faculty in Israel – has been so honored. The faculty is training the next generation of modern agricultural professionals, emphasizing environmental quality. In this area, as in others, the Hebrew University has striven to be the country’s leading institution.”

Environmental quality is an integral part of academic course work at the faculty, and there is even an academic specialty in this for students with a special interest. The faculty distinguishes itself in stressing the subject of environmental quality among both students and staff, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, thereby serving as an exemplar for other institutions of higher learning in Israel.

Among the factors taken into consideration in choosing the Rehovot campus for the honor were intelligent use of resources, prevention of pollution, and in reduction in the use of energy and water resources and the operation of private vehicles. On the proactive side were noted the promotion of the use of electric vehicles on campus, recycling of paper and the collection of dead batteries.

It was also pointed out that care has been taken to reduce pollution in the faculty’s laboratories, chicken coops and animal pens. Also noted were the student initiative in planting an organic garden, the recycling of organic waste, and the use of solar extermination processes.

The “Green Campus” certificate will be granted to the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences in a ceremony to be held at the beginning of November in the framework of an exhibition on environmental quality, with the participation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Council of Higher Education.

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