RIS News Brief: Chinese Students Attend Short-Term Programs At The Hebrew University

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RIS News Brief

Chinese StudentsThe RIS has expanded its horizons in 2012 with the introduction of two new programs specifically tailored for students from China.

In late May, 19 students from the Divinity School of Chung Chi College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong participated in a two-week program on “Meanings of Biblical Jerusalem: Texts and Countertexts.” The students benefited from lectures and seminars given by some of the Hebrew University’s finest scholars, as well as field trips to relevant sites in the Judean Desert, Jerusalem and the Galilee.

In July, the RIS launched a five-week, international summer program in Economics in partnership with the Hebrew University’s Department of Economics, that was earmarked for advanced undergraduate students from China. The program’s nine participants benefited from intensive courses and academic advising designed to prepare them for graduate studies in Economics and Finance at prestigious western universities.

Highlights of the program included an intimate lecture by Hebrew University’s Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Aumann and a study trip to Intel Jerusalem.

In light of the program’s success, it will be offered again next summer.

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