Rosemary And Tomato Extract Shown To Protect Eye Health

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Food Manufature - header - Rosemary and tomato extract shown to protect eye health


Evidence that a lycopene-containing tomato and rosemary extract can protect eye health has been strengthened following the publication of pre-clinical results in scientific journal Molecular Vision.

Research into Lycoinvision, funded by Lycored and carried out by scientists at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Israel, highlighted how adding the phytonutrient combination of tomato and rosemary to the already well-researched Age-Related Eye Disease Study composition, could better balance the cellular response to different challenges and key processes that affect eye health.

Overall natural protection mechanisms

The combination was shown to boost overall natural protection mechanisms against different stresses and provide antioxidant protection.

The study found that while lycopene did not contribute directly to macular pigmentation (like lutein did), it worked in tandem with the nutrients to help create the most potent combination of eye-protecting nutrients.

Research also suggested that lycopene sacrifices itself for lutein by protecting it from oxidation.

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