Rosh Hashanah Tribute Cards!

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CFHUTribute Cards for Rosh Hashanah

CFHU has a beautiful Tribute Card collection for Rosh Hashanah this year!

Send a tribute card or certificate to honour people and events in your life!

Orders can be placed over email, mail, or online!

The cost of an individual card is $10, or $8 per card for orders of 36 or more.

To order cards, please include the following:

  •     Recipient name and complete address (with apt #, postal code, etc.)
  •     How you would like the card to be signed, i.e. From, Love, Fondly, etc. and name(s)
  •     Your greeting/ personal message

Remember to include YOUR name, address, phone number and payment info

IMPORTANT: Orders received after August 20, 2018 may not be delivered before Rosh Hashanah.

No Phone Orders

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