Watch: Israel At 70 - Hebrew U Researchers And The Future Of Food In Israel

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Jerusalem Post header - Watch: Israel At 70 - Hebrew U Researchers And The Future Of Food In Israel - What will food in Israel be like in the future?

Watch: The Future of Food

Where will our food come from in the future? How will its nutritional value improve? Will we still be eating meat or will everyone become vegetarian? And what about the people who are just too busy to eat? Professor Oren Froy has all the answers.

In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence, Professor Oren Froy from Hebrew University tells us all about the future of food in Israel and the world.

Professor Oren Froy is head of the Hebrew University’s Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition. His research has uncovered a link between the circadian clock and nutrition, proving that meal timing is crucial for weight-loss. Disruption of the coordination between the biological clock and the environment explains insomnia, metabolic disturbances and risk of cancer.

The Israel 70+ project is comprised of 12 short animations, each shining a light on the future of a major field of life - medicine, autonomous transportation, the job market, food, family, child welfare, Jews in the Diaspora, big data and more.

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