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An outright gift of cash or property - including bonds, stocks, real estate, or art - is one of the most direct means of supporting The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. These kinds of gifts are straightforward, can provide tax advantages, and can be put to use immediately to benefit the University.
You can designate an outright gift toward the area of your choice. For example, you may wish to fund a student scholarship; medical research at IMRIC; a family endowment fund; youth programming in Israel’s periphery or direct your contribution toward one of the University’s highest priorities.
One of the easiest ways to give to The Hebrew University is by making your gift through our Online Donation Form and selecting from one of the following areas:

Ways to Give

Learn more about making outright gifts of property and securities. These gifts can also be part of your planned giving strategy.  You can also commemorate a family member by naming a physical structure, or by endowing a research chair.

For more information on these exciting opportunities, please contact Merle Goldman, Executive Vice President or contact your local chapter.

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