CFHU National Newsletter - Connecting to Excellence - Fall 2017

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CFHU Connecting Fall 2017Connecting Fall 2017 Spotlights:

  • Genius: 100 Visions of the Future - CFHU Celebrates a Century of Einstein's Legacy
  • A message from our leadership: Celebrating a Century of Genius - And Looking Ahead to the Next 100 Years
  • Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary - Jeruslame of Gold and Tech: Capital of Innovation
  • Toronto: Third Annual Einstein Gala - New Waze Forward for an Ancient City
  • Celebrating a Century of Genius
    - Celebrating a Century of Genius
    - Einstein Youth Forum
    - The Next Generation of Einsteins
    - European Space Agencey Searches for Next Genius in South Africa
    - Einstein's Incredible Universe
  • Where's Albert?
  • Montreal Weekend Hightlights
    - Imagination In Action - Six Tips from Real Geniuses on How to Change the World
  • IMRIC Achievements and Awards
    - Going Viral - IMRIC researchers examine infectious diseases
    at the cellular level
  • Canada-Hebrew University Partnerships:
    - IMRIC Awards - Medical researchers recognized with several prestigious scientific awards
    - Collaboring For A Cure - Inspiring evening raises funds, awareness for pancreatic cancer research
    - Accelerating Israeli-B.C. Medical Innovatio - BioDesign partnership unites Rick Hansen Institute & Hebrew
    U centre for Bioengineering
  • What's Happening @HEbrew U
    - Bigger Fish To Fry - An Israeli innovation feeds the world more fish protein
    - Breakthrough in Epilepsy Research - HU, Halifax researchers isolate a micro-gene that protects against epilepsy
    - From "Getting High" To "Getting Healthy"
    - Hebrew U launches multidisciplinary centre on cannabinoid research
    - Ready, Set, Hack! - HUJI Hackathon nurtures Jerusalem’s growing tech culture
  • Toronto - Ottawa - Winnipeg - Vancouver: Madness Takes Control
  • Ottawa - “My Jerusalem” at the JCC
  • Winnipeg - Ottawa - Toronto: Israeli Secrets To Healthier Life
  • Vancouver - Recovering Nazi-Looted Art
  • Winnipeg - Empowered By CFHU
  • Students & Alumni
    - Interning In Israel: New Rothberg program partners international students with Jerusalem-based businesses and organizations
    - Alumni Connects: Scholarships awarded at Toronto
    networking dinner
  • BOG 2017
    - Anna Brojde Honourary Doctorate
    - Shucketts Honoured
    - Canadian Awards Dinner
  • Hold The Date:
    - National Events & Missions
    - 81st Meeting of the International Board of Governors
    - Learn! Experience! Volunteer!
    - Shvil Israel: The Israel National Trail

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CFHU is dedicated to supporting IMRIC through direct funding and by developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada
and Israel.


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