Halbert Centre Newsletter Fall 2017

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Halbert Centre Newsletter Fall 2017The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies Fall 2017 Newsletter features:

  • AN IMPORTANT BRIDGE TO ISRAEL-CANADA RELATIONS - Visiting Bullock Chair the Honourable Frank Iacobucci reflects on his visit to Israel
  • The Hon. Marie Deschamps Is 2018 Bullock Chair
  • Halbert Centre director wins international law award
  • Joint Israeli-Canadian workshops 2015–16
  • Israeli-Canadian workshops 2017– 18
  • Visiting professors
  • Support for visiting Canadian scholars
  • Halbert fellowships
  • Halbert Post-Doctoral Exchange @ Munk School
  • SHIELDING YOUTH FROM RADICALIZATION - Israeli-Canadian Faculty Collaboration Grant
  • Remembering ourselves forward - Yael Efron, the 2016 Arie Shachar Post-Doctoral Fellowship recipient, describes her experience.

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