President’s Report 2015 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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President's Report 2015 - The Hebrew University of JerusalemFeaturing:

  • President's Remarks in Honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Opening of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Supporting Students in Times of War and in Times of Peace
  • University Admissions: A New Educational Reform
  • A New Logo for Hebrew University!
  • Alumni: Establishing a Community of our Inspiring Graduates
  • The Living Lab: Establishing a Community of our Inspiring Graduates
  • Urban Clinic: A Knowledge Broker for More Equitable Cities
  • Teacher-Scholar Program: Bringing the University to the Community
  • Rothberg International School: Educating the International Community
  • A New Executive MBA Program with a focus on Innovation and China: Fostering a Community of Entrepreneurs
  • Translational Medicine: Creating a Healthier Community
  • A New Home for Humanities: Amazing Things are Happening Here
  • Center for the Study of Multiculturalism: Embracing our Diverse Community
  • Community Social Work: Creating Stronger Communities
  • Going International: A Sampling of Hebrew University Collaborations
  • Hebrew University in the Press 2014 – 2015
  • Financial Report 2013/2014
  • Hebrew University at a Glance
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