President’s Report 2016 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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President's Report 2016Building A Bridge To A Better Tomorrow: Towards 2020


  • President’s Remarks
  • Financial Summary: Expenditures & Income, Campaign Summary, & Amounts Received from Friends Organizations
  • The Challenge of Budgetary Pensions
  • Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Innovations
  • Internationalization: International Research Collaborations, University Partnerships, & Study Abroad Programs
  • Breakthrough Innovations: The DragonFly 3D Printer, HU Launches First 3D Center and Functional Printing Center in Israel, New Device Shortens Chest-Tube Insertion from Minutes to Seconds
  • Seymour Fox School of Education - Planting The Seeds Of The Future: A Tribute To Prof. Seymour Fox
  • The Hebrew University… In Jerusalem: Diversity That Works, Fostering Economic Development in Jerusalem
  • In Recognition Of Excellence
  • Headline Highlights
  • Hebrew University At A Glance
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