Scopus: The Magazine of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Volume 63, 2016/2017

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Scopus: The Magazine of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Volume 63, 2016/2017Contents:

  • Highlight of Friends of the Hebrew University 2016/2017
  • Message from the Chairman, Board of Governors, and the President
  • Cracking the Glass in the Ceiling of the Ivory Tower: How the Women of Today are Pushing for a Brighter Tomorrow
  • Words of Wisdom: Quotes from Our Faculty What’s on our minds
  • Leading by Example: Meet the women who are inspiring the next generation of academics
  • Community Scoop - Shluchei Tzibur: Opportunity Through Community
  • Women At The Helm - The Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies: Advancing Equality
  • A Glimpse of the Future
  • Students maximizing their potential
  • Campus Tour: Our Hidden Treasures
  • World of Friends: The American Friends, The European Friends, The British Friends, The Australian Friends, The Canadian Friends, The Latin American Friends, and The Israeli Friends of The Hebrew University
  • Our Alumni: Where Are They Now?
  • History - Yesterday’s News: Student Life, & The Early Days (1920’s-1940s)
  • Bookshelf - New books from Hebrew U Faculty
  • Ask The Expert: Uniting the World, One Punchline at a Time

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