Scopus: The Magazine of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Volume 64, 2017/2018

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Scopus: The Magazine of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Volume 64, 2016/2017Contents:

  • Hebrew University by the numbers
  • Greetings from the Board of Governors Chairman and the President
  • Super Technologies: Hebrew University scientists are pushing the boundaries of this generation with life-changing innovations that could dramatically affect how we live in the future
  • Words of Wisdom: Members of the HUJI community share their thoughts on the next generation
  • HUJI in the Field: HU programs are enriching Israel with groundbreaking models of education & leadership
    - Revivim
    - Teacher-Scholars
    - Talpiot
    - Tzameret
  • ISEF Partnership: An investment in the next generation
  • Humans of the Hebrew University: Meet our newest Young Faculty & Student Ambassadors past, present & future generations who are dedicated to furthering HU’s mission
  • The Hebrew Youth University Promoting Science Education: Supporting science and math across Israel
  • Campus Tour: Visit with the doctors and animals in Israel’s only Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • World of Friends: Around the world with our friends and supporters
  • Archeology: How the future is shaping the past
  • Bookshelf: Spotlight on Prof. Yuval Noah Harari
  • Ask the Expert: Practical advice from Prof. Zohar Kerem on the art of fine wines
  • Finals: Take our quiz: How well do you know HU founder, Albert Einstein

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