Gifts of Property or Securities

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Perhaps you have an asset – such as property, securities, real estate, bonds, or art - that you no longer want or need. Perhaps you’re concerned about the potential impact of capital gains tax on your estate. Donating these assets to the University may provide immediate or future tax relief.

"I went to university on a scholarship - I couldn’t have gone without it. It opened a world of possibilities, not just for me, but for my family. By giving the University some of my shares, I repay the gift that was made to me years ago, and I support education in Israel. I like to think I’ve made someone else’s dreams come true, maybe somebody who will change the world."
Mr. L.G., Victoria

How giving gifts of property or securities work

You can donate gifts of property or securities to the University now and receive a tax-creditable receipt for the value of your donation. Or, by making a bequest of these gifts to the University in your will, your estate will receive a tax-creditable receipt for the value of your gift.

Gift of Securities - Elimination of Capital Gains Tax

Today there is an even greater incentive for the donation of stocks to registered charitable organizations such as ours, because the capital gains tax on donations of securities has been eliminated. When a gift of publicly traded securities is made to a CFHU, the donor receives a substantial tax incentive. This makes such a gift highly attractive and more cost effective than ever.

Please consider making such a gift to the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For more information please contact Merle Goldman, Executive Vice President or contact your local chapter.

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